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Olderfleet Primary School, Larne, Co. Antrim

1980 - 1981

October 8th

National Childrren’s Book Week. P6 went to Larne Library to meet Elizabeth Beresford, creator of The Wombles. She signed Lorraine Duffin’s picture (above).

Mrs McCarlie and Mrs Brady organised teams of boys and girls to go to the minor swimming championships in Ballymena on October 18th.

The team comprised : –

Ian McCarlie, Alistair McCarlie, Mark Sittlington, Richard Craythorne, Hayden Smith, Trevor Ross, Colin Halliday, Geoffrey Sittlington, Susan Vaughan, Nicola Brady, Gayle McClelland, Leigh Kelly, Paula Mills, Linda McKee

Thursday 23rd October

Primary 7 attended the Black Box Puppet Show in the Victoria Hall. Ten other schools saw the performance.

We said good bye to Mrs McKee at the end of October.

Glow Worm Discs

Road Safety Posters Primary Section

First Frances Hamilton

Second Leigh Kelly

All winning posters were displayed in Murrayfield Shopping Centre.

October 28

P6 and P7 took part in a sponsored walk in Glenarm Forest. The World Wildlife Fund benefitted.

Mrs Bell is looking after P4. Mrs Haveron is ill.

Ulster Championships at Ballymena 15 November 1980

Bronze : – Nicola Brady,

Silver: – Alistair McCarlie

Bronze : -Mark Sittlington, Trevor Ross, A McCarlie, Richard Craythrone (Team)

Other members : – Ian McCarlie, Gayle McClelland

One for the Album photo from East Antrim Times 7th November 1980.

Olderfleet PS pupils who did well in the Schools’ Swimming Championships.

Relay Team

Front Row : Alistair McCarlie, Mark Sittlington, Richard Craythorne, Trevor Ross

Back Row : Ian McCarlie, Nicola Brady, Gaile McClelland

Road Safety Poster Competition – picture

Olderfleet Winners : 1st Francis Hamilton

2nd Leigh Kelly

Christmas 1980

Wednesday 17th December

Primary 1, 2 and 3 went to Belfast to see Cinderella.

Thursday 18th December

P.A. parties for Infants and Juniors

Friday 19th December

School Carol Service – retiring offering to Dr Barnardo’s £30, N.I.C.O.D. £30.

Friday 19th December

P 6 & P7 took part in the P.A.C.E. service in the Town Hall.

We collected toys for the Round Table Appeal.

Sunday 21st

P7 told the Christmas Story in Gardenmore Church at the morning service.

Burton Trophy Winners Tower Pool 20th December 1980

Gayle McClelland, Richard Craythorne

Medal Winners :-

Ian McCarlie (S), Geoffrey Sittlington (B) Naomi Keough (B), Alistair McCarlie (S), Mark Sittlington (B)

January 1981

Mr Long came to teach P5 while Mrs Wright was away.

P6 won third prize in the Home Safety Competition

Together with Mrs Craig, six pupils went to the Health Centre to collect their prize – a book token.

Primary 7 presented Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Joseph was played by Gary Lough and Pharaoh by Geoffrey Sittlington

Hayden Smith was chosen to play for the East Antrim Football Team.

N.S.P.C.C. Appeal £220.

Prize winners:-

P1. Ruth McAuley, Vickie Gore

P2 Lisa Magill, Ellenor Marrs

P3 Caroline Coleman, Gillian Sittlington

P4 Tracy Bailey, Tracey Kirkpatrick

P5 Roberta Tennant, Alison Craig

P6 Gary Davidson, Shirley Houston

P7 William Lytle, Jackie Martin

School Journey to London – February 1981


Sandra Kidd

Naomi Keogh

Jacqueline Martin

Lynda Agnew

Fiona McAuley

Cora Maxwell

Marian McIlwrath

Lorraine Duffin

Debbie Weekes

Kim Rainey

Alison Craig

Mary Moore

Susan Vaughan

Kirsten Weir

Selena Davis


Colin Halliday

Geoffrey Sittlington

Gary Callaghan

Trevor Dempsey

Clive Todd

Hayden Smith

Richmond Clements

Gary Davidson

Neil Walker

Andrew Henning

Jonathan Craig

Frank Brownlow

James Boyd

Brian Galway

Gary Lough

Marc Williams

Brian Adair

Kevin Hutcheon

Ian McCarlie

Fyfe Ewing

Paul Robinson


Mr William Burns

Mrs Maureen Maxwell

Mrs Rae Craig

Mrs Norah McAuley

April 28 – May 1

Hayden Smith was chosen to play for East Antrim Football Team. He attended a four day course at the Polytech.

April 28

Photographer visited the school.

May 5

Swimming Gala. The following represented Olderfleet – 5 Gold, 4 Silver.

Trevor Ross (Breaststroke)

Richard Craythorne (Front Crawl)

Nicola Brady (Breaststroke) (Gold)

Linda McKee (Front Crawl)

Andrew Henning (Breaststroke) (Gold)

Naomi Keough (Breaststroke) (Silver)

Ian McCarlie (Breaststroke) (Gold)

Geoffrey Sittlington (Front Crawl) (Gold)

Hayden Smith (Front Crawl) (Silver)

Lynda Agnew (Front Crawl)

Susan Vaughan (Front Crawl)

Paula Mills (Front Crawl) (Gold)

Jacqueline Martin (Front Crawl)

Leigh Kelly (Front Crawl)

Gary Callaghan (Front Crawl) (Silver)

Colin Halliday (Front Crawl)

Kirsten Weir (Front Crawl)

Marc Sittlington (Front Crawl)

Alistair McCarlie (Breaststroke) (Silver)

Jennifer Semple (Breaststroke)

Novelty Team

Marian McIlwrath

Lorraine Duffin

Kim Rainey

Frank Brownlow

Brian Galway

Fyfe Ewing

International Year of the Disabled

Schools’ Concert

P.6 presents Robin Hood

P.6 Robin Hood – Charity Concert – High School – May 1981

Tuesday 2nd June

P2 went by coach to the zoo.

Eighty pupils from Belfast had lunch in our dining room today.

Wednesday 3rd June

Mr McAdoo visited P5, P6 and P7.

Tuesday 2nd June

P6 and P7 held a Bring and Buy Sale in aid of the Donkey Sanctuary. They raised £70.

Christian Aid Walk £131-15. Colin Black brought £34.

Sports Day 1981

June 23rd

Mrs Gilliland gave out prizes.

Cup Winners

Gary Lough

Jacqueline Martin

David Semple

Julie Ann Halliday

Philip Black

Stephanie Craig

Mr Francis sent us a photograph showing the winning team at the Civic Week Swimming Gala.

L – R Geoffrey Sittlington, Alistair McGrath, Ian McCarlie, Susan Vaughan, Paula Mills, Gayle McClelland

P7 June 1981

Mr Burns left, Mrs Maxwell right

Back row : Cora Maxwell, Ian Simms, Kirsten Weir, Kevin Hutcheon, Jackie Martin, Trevor Dempsey, Susan Vaughan, Nigel McMullan, Fiona McAuley, Hayden Smith, Fiona Adam

Middle row : Marc Williams, Ian McCarlie, Frances Hankton, Gary Lough, Sandra Kidd, Rory Maguire, Selena Davis, William Lytle, Linda Agnew, Geoffrey Sittlington, Gary Hawkins

Front row : Bill Clarke, Richmond Clements, Gary Callaghan, Mary Moore, Richard Know, Tracy Hylands, Brian Adair, Paula Mills, Colin Halliday