1983 – 1984

1983 – 1984

September 1st – no changes in school!

We have had a new boiler installed during the summer.

1983-84 Football Team

Captain – Adrian McCourt, Vice-Captain – Derek McConnell

The team had a very successful pre-Christmas season, reaching the semi-final of the Cup. Other team members – Colin Craig, Darryl Cunningham, David Semple, Mark Saunderson, Neil Campbell, Alan Clarke, Gary Cunningham, Christopher Galway, Norman English, Stuart Glass.

Saturday 8th October

Minor Schools Swimming Competition


Julie Sittlington – Breaststroke

Julie Sittlington – Butterfly

Gary Campbell – Butterfly


Ellenor Marrs – Backstroke

David McIlroy – Backstroke

Alistair McKee – Backstroke

Gary Campbell – Freestyle

Girls’ Medley Relay

Boys’ Medley Relay

Girls’ Freestyle Relay


Judy Nixon – Backstroke

The outside and main corridor of the school was painted in October.

Hallowe’en – World Wildlife Sponsored Walk. We made £373.19

P.7 went to the Opera House to see Hiawatha. On October 18 Mrs Craig, Mrs Wright, Mrs McAuley, Mrs Haveron, Mrs Goldie and Mr Burns took their cars – in convoy!

Christmas 1983

P6 & P7 took part in the P.A.C.E. Carol Service in Gloucester Park Centre.

Our P.A. organised film shows for P1,2,3; P4,5 and P6,7. Santa Claus delivered presents.

At our own Carol Service on the last day of term, 20th December, we collected £50 for NSPCC and £56 for N.I.C.O.D.

Centenary Gift Fund

£800 was handed over by Mrs Diane Harvey on behalf of the Parents’ Association.


Mrs Morrow joined us to replace Mrs Gore who is to have a baby.

Monday 16th January 1984

We lost part of our roof in a hurricane! School closed on Tuesday 17th.

The school was 100 years old. There was a Centenary Thanksgiving Service at First Larne Presbyterian Church on Sunday 15th April. The whole school had a part to play. Prayer P4 – Vickie Gore, Ruth McAuley, Saranne Macrory, Heather Barr, Paula Monteith, Michelle McAuley, Julie Magill. Prayers P6 – Caroline Colman, Colin Craig, David Semple, Alison McMurty, Petra Hynds, Julie Ann Halliday, Anna McAuley. What is Olderfleet – P7 class.

1200 people attended! An exhibition of photographs was held in First Larne Hall, and then in the Northern Bank in Main Street.

P7 organised a book sale for Save the Children. £27 was collected.

School Concerts May 31, June 1

Christian Aid Week

Pupils from our school collected over £389.

Clare Rainey, Melissa Martin, Derek McConnell and Alan Clarke represented us in the Tech Races. Alan had the best result, coming second in the boys’ final.

Sports Day 18 June 1984

Postponed from previous Tuesday

Cup Winners :

Infant : Ashley Moody, Edward Adams

Junior : James McIlroy, Amanda Roper

Senior : Colin Craig / Darryl Callaghan, Stephanie Craig

Mrs Maxwell presented two new treophies.

Mrs Diane Harvey was the chief guest. Everyone was presented with centenary ballpoints.

Wednesday 27th June

Miss Hunter’s Presentation

The Parents’ Association gave a reception for Miss Hunter. They handed over gifts of a cassette recorder and a clock to mark her retirement. Mrs Maxwell was also given a clock. We made a video of the event.

Friday 29 June 1984

Final assembly was held at 1.45pm. We said good bye to Miss Hunter Mrs Maxwell. We presented a cheque and an M.B.E. Dress brooch to Miss Hunter and Tyrone Crystal to Mrs Maxwell.

Civic Week Fun Gala – Tower Pool

Olderfleet Team – Judy Nixon, Joanna Henning, Gary Cunninghan, David Semple, Darryl Callaghan, Leigh McClelland.

Giselle Harvey was second in the Miss Tower Pool competition.

Joanna Henning was successful in the Grade 1 violin exam of the Associated Board of Music.

The Centenary Photo

Standing :

Row 1 (furthest back): Shirley Hylands, Colin Craig, Alistair McKee, Alan Clarke, Neil Campbell, Jim Drummond, Christopher Galway, Caroline Colman, Peter Fekkes, Alistair Campbell, Giselle Harvey, Leigh McClelland, Sarah Rainey, Stuart Glass, Jonathan Barnhill.

Row 2 : Billy Bodles, Michelle Mullen, Nicola Saunderson, Claire Rainey, Julie Ann Halliday, Anna McCauley, Deborah Wilson, Judy Nixon, Julie Bianco, Jacqueline Hood, Derek McConnell, Petra Hynds, Gillian Sittlington, Alison McMurtry, Gillian MacFadyen, Joanne Barr, Gillian Rea, Leilah Zaheer, Richard Houston, Michael Lyle, Stuart Adams, John Brownlow, David Semple, Darryl Callaghan, Mrs Maxwell, Mrs Craig, Mrs Gore

Row 3 : Mrs Andrews, Joanne Henning, Melissa Martin, Tracey Kirkpatrick, Elaine Dempsey, Adrian Allen, Clint Nelson, Steven Baxter, Paul Davis, James Rea, Ciaran Martin, James McIlroy, William Martin, Nelson Hastings, Michael Rowlee, Colin Gregg, Alan McKee, Sarah Robinson, Michelle Burns, Michelle McMurray, Michelle McAuley, Rhonda Kernohan, Christopher McNeill, Aaron Campbell, Paula Monteith, Saranne McCrory, Glenn Davis, Adrian McCourt, Darren Gilliland

Row 4 : Mrs Morrow, Mr Burns, Mrs Haveron, Catherine Lough, Sarah Gamble, Tanya Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Moore, Richard Barr, Mary Murray, Heather Barr, Ruth McAuley, Philip Black,, Chantelle Carson, Helen Colman, Stacey Casagrande, Simon Moody, Ellenor Marrs, Robyn McClellasnd, Janice Morrow, Victoria Butler, Jennifer Gaslway, David Frame, Gary Campbell, David McIlroy, Vicky Gore, Stephanie Craig, Julie Magill, Mrs Wright

Row 5 : Miss Hunte, Norma Allen, Marlene McConnell, Gary Cunningham, Gareth McKinley, Scott Walker, Graham Warwick, Edward Adams, Gary Kernohan, Ian Russell, Ryan Harvey, Gavin Nixon, Zoe McDowell, Ashley Houston, Maeve Blair, Caraid Heggan, Kelly Kerr, Catherine Shanks, Melanie Blackburn, Patricia Blair, Gillian Barr, Amanda Roper, Caroline McKay, Lelland Carson, Fiona Colman, Rachel Murray, Kirsty Gore, Philippa Allen, Julie McDowell, Lynne Hogg, Mark Saunderson


Row 1 : Martha Gamble, Gillian White, Tanya Mills, Heather Adams, Lisa Magill, Lee-Anne Cosgrove, Louanne Purdy, Caroline Ferguson, Vanessa Turkington, Angela Bodles, Angela Kiley, Dionne Saunderson, Julie Sittlington, Keith McKay, Timothy Butler, Gareth Alexander, Darren Tansley, Graham Barr, Karen McCourt, Diane Jennings, Brian Russell

Row 2 : Claire Sittlington, Erinn Heggan, Catriona MacFayden, Elaine Adams, Jennifer, Roper, Jacqueline McAuley, Kerry Gilmore, Claire Warwick, Rachel Patton, Sarah Elton, Lelsie Ann Hawkins, Lee Andrews, Anita Saunderson, Lisa McMurray, Victoria Graham, Philippa Semple, Ciara Nixon, Gillian Thompson, Ashley Moody, Julie Hart

Row 3 : Ryan Alexander, Pasul Cosgrove, Andrew Beattie, Steven Topping, Andrew Kyle, Colin Barr, Bryce McGarel, Simon Bell, Samuel Jennings, James Hood, David Monteith, Timothy Rowles, Paul Brownlees, Andrew Robinson, Patrick Shanks, David Withers, Brett Butler, David McKee, Thomas Lynn, Trevor Morrow, Norman English