1988 – 1989

Mrs Kirby is our new staff member.

Mr Armstrong from the Arts Council came to tell P6, 7 about the visit of Scottish Ballet to Larne.

A new newsletter was produced.


Our team won the runners-up shield in the 7-a-side competition.

Canadian Evening

150 people turned up to hear Mr Burns talk about his Canadian trip on October 4th. There was flooding outside on Curran Road!

20 October 1988

Orangefield Girls’ Orchestra

October 1988

Charity Walk for Northern Ireland Leukemia Research at Ballyboley

Total donations : £1236.76

Burton Trophies

Kathryn Tweed, Fiona Graham, Ashley Moody, Ryan Alexander, Connor McGaughey

Children won prizes in the ‘Concern’ environment competition.

Judith Arnold, Steven Bell, David Monteith, Rachel Murray, Lawrence McMasters (absent from photo)

Thursday 17 November

P7 went to Stranmillis Theatre to see Circus Senso.

13 December

The painters have finished in Room 1, Room 2 and the Assembly Hall.

The Parents’ Association gave us plants for our foyer.

Larne Arts Committee Christmas 1988 Junior Carol Service

Olderfleet’s reader was Glenn Mann.

Ulster Tree Week

Diane Barr came to plant trees at Curran Road.

January 1989

Our new interview and remedial room was started on 26 Jan.

Mrs Walker moved in on 17 February 1989.

Rood cleaned at end of January.

February 1989

Mrs Stewart’s choir went to Mossgrove Festival. They won a second and a third place certificate.

February 6th

David Monteith and Patrick Shanks reperesented O.P.S. in the R.U.C. Quiz.

Boys’ 5-a-side team

Bryce McGarel, Ryan Alexander, Edward Adams, Gareth Rennix, Colin Barr, Andrew Robinson

P7 Viking Ship

Miss Riddell, a student from Stranmillis, worked on this project.

15 March

Ginger’s Super Road Show was a great success!

1989 R.U.C. Quiz

Our team comprised : David Monteith, Patrick Shanks, David Johnston, Andrew Kyle

Tuesday 18 April

10am Hockey Tournament Sandy Bay

Team A (Pitch 7) Philippa Allen (cpt), Julie McDowell, Catherine Minford, Sarah Elton, Lee Andrews, Helen Stewart, Jennifer Roper (G.K.)

Team B (Pitch 6) Fiona Colman (cpt), Mary McKendry, Lynn Hogg, Ashley Moody, Katharine Tweed, Joanne Cooke, Heather Willis (G.K.)

Subs : Sinead Campbell, Emma McDowell, Pippa Semple

The photographer came in May.

Choir competition at Carrickfergus

10 -12  May

Trip to Edinburgh

46 pupils and 4 staff went to Edinbugh

Scrapbook winner : Sarah Elton

Photograph winner : David Monteith, Sinead Campbell

Thursday 8 June

West Midlands Children’s Theatre Company presented ‘George and the Dragon.’

June 1989

Hockey Tournament

A Team : Fiona Colman (cpt), Joanne Cooke, Ashley Moody, Katharine Tweed, Lynn Hogg, Mary McKendry, Heather Willis (G.K.)

B Team : Philippa Allen, Helen Stewart, Catherine Minford, Sinead Campbel, Julie McDowell, Pippa Semple, Jennifer Roper (G.K.)

Subs : Emma McDowell, Sarah Elton

Full Attendance Certificates

6 Years : Andrew Robinson

4 Years : Julie Hart

2 Years : Ryan Alexander

1 Year : James Hood, Philipa Allen, Jennifer Roper, Sinead Campbell, Catherine Minford, Katharine Tweed, Lauren Newell, Gayle Newell, Samuel Hastings, Johneen Wright, Catherine Joss, Christopher Church, Andrew Doherty, Lynsey McGarel, Deborah Hannah, Charlene Robinson

Britain in Bloom

Prize Winners : Emma McKay, David Sloan, Philippa Semple.

Schools’ Swimming Gala

Gold : Lee Andrews, Glen Mann, Philippa Allen, Ryan Alexander, Fiona Colman, Connor McGaughey

Silver : Julie Harte, Lynne Hogg, Claire Sittlington, Bryce McGarel, Heather Willis, Katherine Tweed

Bronze : Simon Bell, Paul Brownlees, Ashley Moody

Finalists : David Monteith, Andrew Kyle, Colin Barr, Brett Butler, Julie McDowell, Sinead Campbell

Fun Gala

Our Swimming Team won again!

Fiona Colman, Ryan Alexander, Simon Lyttle, Kathryn Tweed, Connor McGaughey, Ashley Moody

1 June : Sports Day

The sun shone!

Cup Winners

Senior : Clare Sittlington, Edward Adams

Junior : David Withers, Emma Withers

Infant : Gareth Black, Richard Joss, Emma McIlroy

Mrs & Mrs Alexander presented a new Senior Boys’ Cup.

Mrs Maureen McGaughey gave out the prizes.

28 June 1989 1.45pm

Final Assembly

Attendance Certificates given out.

James Hood won the Cycling Trophy.

Mary McKendry won the Mrs I. Haveron Cup